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Sciente Consulting
Sciente Consulting

Sciente Consulting : Through our unique "Value Innovation", Clients get quality deliveries, what & when they want it, flexibility, and at a price that delivers great value beyond expectations.

It Talent Management

Tech Talent Management & Digital IT Services. We make it easier

Sciente International
Sciente International

Sciente International : We have a laser-like focus in Tech Talent Management & Digital IT Services. That's why we are good at what we do - we make your life easier.




Sciente Consulting
Sciente Consulting

Over last 17 years, we have delighted our clients in Core Insurance
Platforms, Agency Systems, Analytics, Customer Experience, Risk,
Regulatory Compliance, Actuarial & Migration/Modernisation.




A "hybrid" organisation to delight the Community-an objective which is larger than business, through the sponsorship by business of delighted Clients.




Be with us at the right time for excitement & growth and still being able to contribute for social good. Join us to make a difference.

Why Sciente?

Client delight through the Sciente Way

Community delight through the Hybrid Sciente

Respected team that's honest, ethical & transparent in all of it's dealings

An Organisation With A Difference

and our dream has made us who we are, what we do & how we do it

  • It all started in 2007 with our value innovations.

    We defined our purpose - making the real impact in the lives of people.

    We formulated the sciente way - how we shall delight the clients & the community.

    And people are our business - we zeroed in on our business technology consulting specialisation within insurance & financial services and on our technology & talent management specialisations to make our clients succeed in their IT modernisations/digital transformations.

    We are a team of self-driven professionals with dreams, uncompromising values and a purpose.

    We are led by diverse, passionate, professional & ethical leaders from IT industry with deep industry domain knowledge.

    Every member of the leadership team has an excellent track record in making a difference in the industry within a high performance environment. This is coupled with the passion to create a high performance global venture with a difference and in doing the right things based on our core values, we are absolutely committed to deliver beyond satisfaction and therefore, to make a real impact to our Clients' business and to make a difference in the Community we live in.

    At Sciente Consulting, we work with large global multi-national companies within the insurance industry to address their business and technology integration challenges and make them succeed in their digital transformations.

    At Sciente International, we specialize in Digital IT Services and Technology Recruitment & Talent Management, we help large organizations worldwide succeed in their digital transformations and in helping them build the right tech & digital talent teams.

    Most importantly, these successful & profit-making businesses sponsor the social innovations and community services to achieve an objective and a purpose, which are much larger than business.

  • The "Sciente Way" is our way of being innovative, doing a little bit more than expected and aligning the whole organization towards achieving our mission to delight our Clients & Community. We are guided by our Value-Innovation, Sciente values & integrity policy and Community/Client-centric approach, all of which form the very fabric of the "Sciente Way".

    Sciente Consulting uses its "agile business model"; invests in proposing the talented consultants with the right business & technology skill-set for the assignment; and engages with the Clients using the Sciente methodology of "client-alignment", with passion & attention to detail; and works towards achieving the desired results at the most optimal cost. We believe that we are disrupting the traditional consulting model using our Value Innovation, engineered to add immense value & to provide an attractive & a sustainable alternate to our dear Clients.

    Sciente International gets unparallel strength from the deep expertise of business & technology through Sciente Consulting, to add value in the area of IT Talent Management solutions & Digital IT services.

    Social Innovation is very much part of Sciente culture and an integral part of the planning of Sciente founding, defining of vision and mission. The chosen focus areas are to assist the children, students and professionals who are in need of advice/direction and the education of poor/marginalized.

    The aspiration is to create a hybrid culture in which professionals who represent professionalism, high integrity and servant attitude to provide assistance to people who have needs - professionally, as well as the poor. It is an ingrained part of the Sciente's culture.

  • We stay with what's Right and not what's Convenient.

    Our purpose of doing business is to delight our Clients and Community. The Sciente Way is our way of aligning the whole organization towards achieving our purpose. All associates of Sciente are guided by Sciente's Values which are the very fabric of the "Sciente Way". One of our Values is-we operate ethically with honesty, transparency and integrity. An associate should be transparent in transactions with respect to professional standards and work ethics. In case of conflict, they are expected to stay with the right and not the convenient.'

    This Integrity Policy is our attempt to minimize the doubts and to shed light on integrity as we believe and practice it.

    All associates of Sciente, irrespective of level, role and location, are bound by our Integrity Policy . We share it as part of the orientation to every new associate of Sciente. At Sciente, we do take our Values very seriously, of which Integrity is the keystone.

    The Policy is explained to Leaders who are expected to steer compliance throughout the organization.

    At Sciente, we do take our Values very seriously, of which Integrity is the keystone.

    When you and I sign up to be an associate of Sciente, adherence to the Integrity Policy becomes the basic social contract of our mutual existence and respect.

    Jit Nagpal
    Chief Execution Officer

  • Giving back Giving back
    Festive Festive
    Nature Nature
    Winning Winning
    Appreciation Appreciation
    Celebration Celebration
    Career Progression Career Progression
    Well-being Well-being
    Work-Life Success Work-Life Success
    delighted Delighted
  • Our Vision:

    • Be a truly purpose-driven organisation through meaningful goals
    • go beyond business performance to make our clients succeed
    • as a hybrid organisation, invest significant part of profits for social innovations and community service and
    • make our associates achieve work-life success.

    Our Mission:

    • To delight Clients and Community by the spirit of the "Sciente Way"

    Our Values:

    • We reward our Stakeholders;
    • We value our Clients and associates over our profits;
    • We embrace Innovation;
    • We always strive for Excellence to delight our Clients;
    • We contribute towards the welfare of Needy people in community;
    • We work as a Team and do what we say we are going to do;
    • We operate Ethically with honesty, transparency and integrity.
  • "It's not about what we do but how good we are doing it. The real story is in our way of being innovative and doing a little bit more to delight our Clients & Community."

    The Sciente Way
    That is the, " Sciente Way"

Direction, Clarity, Professionalism & Motivation Everyday

and that's why we need the right leadership team

Jit Nagpal

Founder and Group Chief Execution Officer

Jit is a technopreneur with rich experience in IT professional services & tech talent management services for large global MNCs. He has built Sciente with a purpose of making a long-term beneficial impact in the lives of people and a strong brand with 35 awards over last 15 years. Jit is an advocate of learning agility, work-life success & sustainability. Jit is a pro-bono coach/mentor and a board member of World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Singapore.

Sandra Heng

Group Chief Operating Officer

Sandra has more than 20 years of work experience in IT professional services within financial services, government & telecom industries. She has extensive experience in business technology consulting & IT resourcing with in-depth understanding of Asia Pacific markets including China.

Mario Lewis

Sr. VP - Consulting Practice, Business Technology Consulting

Mario brings about 34 years of professional IT experience with clients across the world. He has extensive experience in business technology consulting, and he has grown and managed various types of consulting and service operations and organizations.

Cecilia Chong

Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, Business Technology Consulting

Cecilia has over 25 years of professional experience with specialization in business process analysis, IT project management and client/partnership management within government, financial services and healthcare industries. She has extensive experience in business process optimisation using technology, conceptualizing and architecting innovative solutions using a wide range of platforms and latest technologies.

Staphy Teo

HR Business Partner

Staphy brings with her over a decade of diverse HR experience across multiple functions including business partnering, performance management, learning & development and employee engagement. She is a certified IHRP - Senior Professional awarded by the Institute for Human Resource Professionals in Singapore.

Lilian Chew

Head of Accounts

Lilian, with 14 years of rich accounting experience, is a role model of internal leadership development within Sciente. She has grown from an Accounts Executive to Head of Accounts - currently in-charge of the group accounts for Sciente Consulting and Sciente International in Singapore, Malaysia, US and India. Lilian is a member of Certified Practising Accountant (CPA Australia).

  • "Our success sponsors the social innovations to delight the Community - an objective which is larger than the business."

    Beyond Performance. Delighted
    We call it, "Beyond Performance. Delighted."

Something We Must Do To Be Meaningful

and it is our mission to do a little bit more for social good

Unlock Your Career & Make It
A Meaningful One.

An unwavering commitment to delight Clients & Community, make us very different.

  • If you are talented, craving to succeed by helping our Clients & Community, creative & daring enough to think out of the box in any situation to achieve the desired goals and are committed to maintain high integrity, you are ready for Sciente.

    In return, Sciente shall bring:

    • the unparallel opportunities for you to unlock your career and to make a real difference-a satisfying one indeed!
    • a result-driven & unbiased approach towards the rewards based on the merits;
    • an opportunity to learn, perform and grow in a fast pace dynamic environment;
    • a culture with a foundation of strong values, professionalism, work-life balance & care;
    • an excellent infra-structure, systems and process for everyone to perform and achieve greater heights;
    • opportunities to develop the secondary skills of interest in other areas like community work, marketing, event management, etc. so that you can do a little bit more meaningful to delight the clients and community we live in;
    • and finally, if you want to achieve greater heights at the fastest pace, Sciente is the ideal place with tremendous growth, a leading brand, social responsibility & professionalism.
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