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Job Seeker Career Progression – Sciente Consulting Pvt Ltd | India

Job Seeker Career Progression

Job Seeker Career Progression

As a part of our social innovations efforts, we used value innovation and our expertise to build a free, analytics-driven online platform ( to support the career development of IT professionals and aspirants globally.

MyTechLogy is truly unique, and it is the only platform today that provides a solution for the skill gap challenge in both short-term and long-term basis. The platform’s engines continuously measure the constantly changing trends in industry demand for IT skills through live job vacancy data, and use that information to provide very specific, tailored insights and personalized guidance to IT career aspirants and IT professionals so that they can form new goals and enhance their current skill profiles to become more relevant and aligned to what industry needs. IT professionals can also find resources and new opportunities that provide avenues for learning and career growth for the short-term.

MyTechlogy also hosts a range of professional career coaches who offer analysis and guidance to job seekers about how they can frame career goals and plan to achieve them.

As a result of our efforts to understand the aspirations and needs of the job seekers that come to us, and also what we have been able to help them achieve, a survey we conducted revealed to us that

  • 100% of our associates rated us “Very Good” and above
  • 97% of our associates would recommend Sciente services to colleagues or contacts within their network
Job Seeker Career Progression with Sciente Consulting Pvt Ltd 100% of our associates rated us “Very Good” and above.