Top 10 IT Skill Sets in the USA in 2019-20

The US IT industry has beaten its government’s 10 year employment growth forecast by over 48%, and there don’t seem to be too many factors that might change this pattern in the coming year.

A number of new technologies have emerged and grown very rapidly in the last 5 years, and presented new opportunities as well as threats for businesses, while also giving rise to new expectations from their customers. The way these technologies complement each other and have pervaded every function across almost every industry sector has also meant that the job market for IT professionals has witnessed some new trends in terms of roles and skill sets that are in demand.

Based on our market analytics and deep knowledge of the IT job market, we’ve prepared a more detailed report and forecast of the top ten hottest skill sets that will be in demand in the US from mid-2019 to mid-2020.

Download the full free report to access a number of data points, such as

  • Role expectations and trends in key IT hiring sectors
  • The quantum of market demand by skill set as at the middle of 2019
  • Predictions of demand for individual skill sets based on global and local market intelligence
  • The specific skills and capabilities that employers are looking for