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Talent Management Experts Across Industries

Sciente first began operations in 2007, and then witnessed the global economy go into turmoil soon after. All across the world, a combination of the effects of a financial crash, heightened competition from both new and existing players, continuous changes in regulation, availability of new technology and the increasingly international focus of key customers put pressure on many industry sectors to employ a greater level of innovation, agility and partnership.

Through those years, Sciente worked with several clients in a number of these sectors, servicing their changing talent acquisition needs, and gaining valuable experience and insights into almost every aspect of their business and technology operations.

Among the diverse industry sectors we have had the opportunity to complement our clients’ efforts in are the Insurance and Financial Services verticals. We have deep expertise and specialisation in these and also other verticals such as Healthcare, Travel and Retail, and Media and Entertainment.

No matter what the industry, all of our clients had enlisted our support primarily to find the kind of professionals that could join them to lead or implement large programmes that achieved a transformational level of change by pursuing one or more of the following objectives.

  • Operational and cost efficiency improvements
  • Improved security and risk management
  • Proactive customer service
  • Improved process integration
  • Meeting new regulatory requirements