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The global insurance sector has, in recent years, been increasingly faced with multiple new opportunities as well as challenges. While an increase in pressure on global businesses brought about an increase in claims, there has also been some amount of flux on solvency regulation due to a need to induce better risk management.

At the same time, the industry faces more new opportunities in terms of business expansion than ever before. Major advances in new technology have enabled digital transformations that create better experiences for customers. The insurance business, at its core, operates on a solid foundation of applied risk management along with the management of a talented workforce that is able to sustain and build upon this understanding.

At the same time, studies carried out in various parts of the world indicate that although the insurance sector faces rising demand in several lines of business it is in fact facing challenges in terms of being able to ramp up and retain the right kinds of skills that it needs to capitalize on the new opportunities.

Sciente is focused within life, non-life & group insurance segments to adding immense value in meeting business technology challenges the following areas:

  • Mobile Computing
  • Legacy system to cloud migration
  • New product implementations
  • Data engineering and consolidation
  • Compliance
  • Analytics and AI

Sciente has a strong depth of experience in serving the insurance sector and is well-placed to appreciate these issues and provide the most appropriate solutions for them.