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Travel and Retail

Travel and Retail

To restate the obvious, even though mobility in computing has bridged distances and enabled social and professional interaction on a scale that has never before happened, people are still travelling more and buying more. Advances in front end interactive technologies, internet applications, reservations and ticketing, and improved data exchange are helping present superior experiences for business and vacationing travellers across almost all modes of travel, transportation, leisure and hospitality.

In retail as well, the disruption that online shopping has brought about has undoubtedly influenced traditional brick and mortar businesses to create new and innovative ways to retain their customers and improve their purchase experiences. The supply chain management system has been extended right down to the shelf level using RFID, while CRM systems have attempted to extend their reach to consumers using mobility and augmented tech. The final sale has been made a smoother and potentially lower cost experience through the application of technology for self check outs. As technology advances more innovation is enabled.

As people travel more and shop more, at the intersection of the two industries, retail travel is the upcoming sector that has come into its own and is forecast to be a large growth area across the world. While all this is happening, it’s a challenge for businesses to find the right technology professionals that possess all the necessary business and technology skill sets that are required to implement these changes and help stay ahead of the game.

Sciente, with its strong depth of experience in serving these sectors, and its focus on technology is well-placed to appreciate these issues and provide the most appropriate solutions for them.