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Media and Entertainment

Media and Entertainment

New developments in mobile and telecom technology over the past several years have resulted in disruptive changes in behaviour around what mobile devices are used for. Many types of services are now required by consumers to be accessible via mobile devices, and this has brought about new opportunities in many areas of media and entertainment.

Entertainment and infotainment are steadily moving to mobile devices, and with 5G promising to provide the perfect platform, there’s no turning back foreseen for this trend. In addition, to news and entertainment, even TV finds a challenger in streaming mobile video. With voice, video and autonomy all being combined, the possibilities for new applications in media and entertainment are limited only by imagination and sometimes business viability.

As with many other industry sectors, there is a convergence in adoption of many technologies including not only the core technologies required for streaming, compression and so on, but also relating to the infrastructural needs around this sector, such as cloud computing and cyber security. One of the challenges faced by these industry sectors is finding the right talent to work with them.

Sciente, with its deep understanding of both business and technology is well placed to help its clients in media and entertainment in their efforts to manage their talent optimally, starting from search to team formation and on-boarding.