Our founding and hybrid mission is to delight our clients as well as the community we live in. For us, delighting the community is much more than a corporate social responsibility.

Generally, profits of up to 5-10% are contributed by corporates towards corporate social responsibility. But at Sciente International, our goal is to invest up to 50% of our forecasted profits in social goals - the welfare of community and social innovations efforts. This is what makes us unique and a truly hybrid organisation in which our profit-making business sponsors a very strong social mission.

Our business model, HR culture and practices are designed to support performance-oriented and competitive business and at the same time, to support the communities, children's education, promote environmental sustainability and the development of IT professionals.

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Hear from Ms. Lilian Chew, Head of Accounts about how she is living meaningfully due to Sciente's policy of sponsoring a child's education for each permanent employee.

Hear from Ms. Madeleine Cheah about her volunteering experiences and making her career a meaningful while working with Sciente.

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SIF Young Social Entrepreneurs Programme 2016
Community Service at Willing Hearts
Techskills accelerator (TESA) Career Services Day 2016

We have institutionalised the HR culture, policies and practices at Sciente to align them towards achieving our hybrid mission. For each permanent hire, we sponsor the education of a needy child in developing countries like Myanmar, Thailand, South Africa, and India.

Supporting education

Besides this, our Associates are encouraged to contribute back to the community by utilising their paid volunteer leaves of up to 5 working days per annum. For example, during 2022, our Associates have volunteered to eradicate the weeds in our forests, helped in sorting and packing of in-kind donations for beneficiaries etc. This has helped us in sharing a common purpose and in creating a work environment for each of our Associates to live a meaningful life.

Under our social innovation efforts, we used value innovation and our expertise to build a free, analytics driven online platform ( to support the career development of IT professionals and aspirants globally. Our objectives for this platform are exactly in line with the four thrusts of SkillsFuture under the Smart Nation initiative and our focus on IT PME community delivers immense value.

MyTechLogy is truly unique, and it is the only platform today that provides a solution for the skill gap challenge on both short-term and long-term basis. IT professionals can find resources and new opportunities that provide avenues for learning and career growth in the short-term and they can also plan their careers based on insights to achieve career goals and aspirations in the long term.

At Sciente, we share a common purpose and create a work environment for each of our Associates to live a meaningful life at work, at home and by giving back to the community. Just as we aim to delight our clients with our commitment to service, we are committed to give back and serve our communities.

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