Work-Life Success

At Sciente, we believe that our Associates should have work-life success. Work-life success refers to being successful at work and in personal life. Our HR policies are aligned with our hybrid mission - "Delighting Clients and Community". One of our values is that we value our Associates over our profits. Our employees come first.

We plan our Associates' learning and development from the day that they join so that they are equipped with skills to succeed at work. Structured trainings are provided on a daily basis. Our ISO9001:2015 certified processes are fine-tuned on a regular basis along with the access to the 100% digitalised internal system to boost the productivity of our Associates. 5-day week with shorter days on Fridays, flexible work arrangements, shorter days along with the transport allowance for Associates who stay far from our office location, out-patient and hospitalisation healthcare benefits, incremental annual leave policy, wellness policies including having a massage chair, palates gears, exercising pedals in our office and paid volunteer leave for CSR activities make their career a meaningful one.

We care for all of our Associates hence we built a supportive network of collaboration and teamwork. Our management team provides mentoring and coaching for them as well.

In brief, we ensure that our Associates attain success in their career and personal lives. Being successful at work, in personal life and giving back to the community will make them live meaningful and purposeful lives.

August birthday 2022

Hear from Ms. Crystal Teo, Consulting Manager @SCIENTE International about how she worked towards her long-term goal with the help of a mentor during her journey from a fresh graduate to an award-winning HR professional.

Hear from Ms. Meenakshi Saklani, how she achieved work-life success with the help of structured training and mentoring within Sciente.