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Risk and Regulatory Compliance Services – Sciente Consulting Pvt Ltd | India

Risk and Regulatory Compliance

Risk and Regulatory Compliance

Safety for the Business, Safety for its Reputation

With information technology becoming all pervasive, the strong thrust on digitalization efforts has created new scenarios that have in turn raised the threat of new types of risks. Data is increasingly being moved outside of the business to the cloud, while mobile devices enable it to be accessed from anywhere, anytime. Users, whether customers or staff, may use their own devices to transact, and data moves across all types of borders – the company’s and even the country’s.

At the same time, ever since the global financial crisis of 2007, there have been lots of new regulations introduced gradually but systematically for better management and monitoring of financial institutional practices and transactions all over the world. With data having become easy to move, store and access no matter where in the world it could potentially be located, it has become a valuable strategic asset that is vulnerable to many types of threats, ranging from privacy violations to data theft and destruction.

Sciente works with its clients to help systemically foresee and mitigate risks, and to stay on top of all the regulatory compliances that are critical to brand image, and to staying on the right side of applicable laws. Our deep expertise across both business and technology, allow us to offer a range of relevant services.

  • Audits and assessments of existing risk and compliance management systems
  • Definition and preparation and review of systems, strategies, policies and procedures for risk and compliance management
  • Design of risk and compliance management organization structures and roles, and helping maintain a culture of awareness and adherence to risk and compliance management procedures
  • Working with corporate leaders to implement new or modified policies and procedures
  • Reviewing the risk management adequacy and effectiveness of IT systems, and overseeing the implementation of new systems
  • Intervene and manage incidents of risk and compliance breaches from analysis to remediation and closure