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Technology Career Transition

Technology Career Transition

Advancements in the technology, business model disruptions and change in consumer behaviour continue to accelerate – and with it, the need for workforce change & reskilling. It’s necessary to keep realigning your workforce in a proactive manner. An experienced technology career transition provider can help keep your HR culture intact and maintain your employer brand by ensuring continued alignment with business needs.

We’re defining the technology career transition industry by bringing market demand analytics and talent management experience with a human touch, and offering the most effective and personalised career progression experience available

Sciente provides consulting and advisory services for technology career transition based on market-demand analytics. We help individuals focus on their career progression and develop the skills in demand to achieve their career goals.

At the same time, we offer flexible coaching and mentoring programs so that employees receive guidance and support that aligns with their preferences, learning styles, career paths, and interests.

With more than 12 years of experience, Sciente has the technology expertise, talent management experience, and capability to support everything from a single employee to a project relocation to restructuring.

When you partner with Sciente you have our promise that your organisation’s restructuring will run smoothly and meet your objectives.